Our Services

Contract Manufacturing

Omega Laboratories Limited is a pharmaceutical company that presents itself as an ideal partner in Contract Manufacturing, supplying a completely integrated service in pharmaceutical outsourcing activities.

Omega can provide you with production capacity, technical expertise, reliability and a fully comprehensive service with regards to sterile finished dosage forms manufactured in vials.

Sterile manufacturing requires a high degree of expertise and know-how, including the use and manipulation of materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Omega has developed significant expertise over the last decades in order to manufacture quality products to our customers.

Omega is able to offer a variety of different services adapted to your needs, including:

  • Contract Manufacturing for sterile injectable manufacturing (fill volumes 1mL to 50mL)
  • Different batch sizes
  • Contract Packaging and serialization
  • Distribution and logistics for Canadian and international markets
  • Product and formulation development for generic injectable products
  • Analytical and stability services

Omega aims to work with its customers and partners in an organized manner and in a spirit of collaboration and transparency.

Licensing, registration and export

Omega also has a comprehensive portfolio of sterile injectable and antiseptic commercial products developed internally, and which are available for export, licensing and registration for other markets. Please refer to our list of hospital products for more details on available products.