Quality, Job List


Ensure the quality of the product and the process surrounding its production.

  • Validation

    Validate the equipment and processes used at Omega Laboratories Limited.

  • Quality Assurance

    Ensure the presence and effectiveness of all control points in the development and manufacturing processes of a quality drug.

  • Compliance

    Ensure that all processes comply with industry standards, from the selection of raw materials to delivery to the physician.

  • Quality Control and Microbiology

    Analyze raw materials and products to ensure their quality and guarantee that products are manufactured in a bacteria-free environment.

  • Compliance Improvement

    To ensure that Omega has a process in place that allows us to continuously improve the processes that frame the manufacturing of a quality drug.

  • Training

    Develop an effective training strategy to ensure successful training programs for all employees in compliance with regulatory requirements and support all departments for their training needs.